Welcome to the world of RPCheese!

NOTE: As of now, no products are available in ebook form.

RPCheese is a tabletop role-playing game produced by Chicken of Doom Games, LLC. The game takes place in the far future, where humanity is no more and intelligent rodents roam the Earth.

Players take on the role of a hamster swordsman, mouse wizard, rat knight, bunny bandit, or other warrior of rodentia and explore thGerbil Mage 11-5 - websitee wastelands, employing ancient human technology (such as marbles and remote-controlled cars) in their quest to survive. It is a land fraught with savage lizards, monstrous insects, hungry felines, and insidious human remnants such as bouncy castles and roach motels. Only the hardiest will survive.

You can buy the main manual either in PDF or print form. Also, be sure to check out the events page to participate in an upcoming gameplay session!

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